Equip exists to serve local churches by equipping young adults through gospel centered teaching to join God on mission.

Equip takes its name from Ephesians 4:11-16. We believe the role of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” belongs to the local church. That’s why Equip consists of a working group of like-minded local pastors to collectively build up young adults through gospel centered teaching and worship by encouraging, equipping, and connecting young people that they might better serve the local church and the world.

Equip 2019 captures the theme of Beholding Our God. The main sessions will consider beholding God in His glory, His judgment, His Salvation, and His reign. The workshops will consider how beholding God for who He is rightly orients and sends us on His mission.

Equip is about growing up -- that is growing up in Christ. Equipping begins with beholding. When see God for who He is, there is nothing that we aren’t willing to do that He asks of us! Join us for a conference that will challenge you at the core of your belief and existence.